Scouting creates a better you!

Written by Zamangwe Mazibuko, SSA Youth Influencer

Kayle Ormshaw has lived the Scouting journey since he was 7.  At 19, he became Troop Scouter and RTC Better World Framework! Here is his Scouting story.

“Durban has always been my home. I’ve lived here for the full 21 years of life, from being born at Parklands Hospital in 2003 to being on my way to completing my degree at the University of KwaZulu Natal. I started my schooling journey in grade 00 at St Henry’s Marist College and finished it there in 2021 where I came in the top 10 of matriculants. I grew up with a loving and hardworking family who taught be to be respectful, kind, and caring for all. My mom is a hardworking family driven woman, my dad is a creative man and very skilled, my little brother is super energetic and driven and last but definitely not least I have four beautiful animals, 2 cats and 2 dogs. I’m a very creative person, I like to design, draw and even teach which translates very well into my career choice, Architecture.

My Scouting adventure began when a family friend introduced me to the 58th Durban Air Scouts Group where he was the committee chair. I started in Cubs when I was 7, very reluctantly though until I realised how fun and engaging it was. After earning my Leaping Wolf, I came up to Scouts after my 11th birthday and it was something I could not live without! I made my way through the Scouting journey going on both a PLTC and PLTU course and eventually becoming a Patrol Leader before COVID hit, but that didn’t stop me though! I had online Troop and Patrol activities which were strange but fun nonetheless. This did unfortunately slow my progression to Springbok down. Once the pandemic calmed down, and we were beginning to be normal again, I entered Matric where I made the tough decision to leave Scouting to focus on my schooling.

Scouting taught me that you’re never too young to be in leadership

But it was not forever as I returned to my Troop in 2022 where I not only became an Assistant Troop Scouter at 18, but also joined our District Rover Crew, Impeesa Rovers, where I am the Crew Council Secretary still to this day. The first quarter of 2022 was very busy for me as I heard of the new RTC Better World Framework position that was being introduced and jumped at the opportunity! The chance to be more involved in something that is designed to make better change, and create a better world! A few months later my Troop began to lose its Scouters leaving only another ATS and myself. I went on the very next Warrant course that year and officially became Troop Scouter at the end of 2022 at the age of 19!

Scouting has given me a greater purpose in life, it has given me the opportunity to shape young minds to be the best version of themselves. It fills me with joy when I see one of my Scouts being the best person they can be. Scouts has also shaped who I am. It’s taught me everything from teamwork, to friendship and it’s taught me that you’re never too young to be in leadership. It’s taught me how to be the best version of myself. Scouts has shown me how to live my life fully and enjoy every moment while making sure to be kind and caring along the way. A message to everyone from me would be to join Scouts because it not only creates a better world, it creates a better you!”