In a world where you can be anything… be kind

Written by Zama Mazibuko. SSA Influencer KZN

On Good Friday morning Rovers from around KZN got together to clean the Durban North Beach front after floods left the area scattered with litter and debris. KZN Influencer Zama Mazibuko joined the efforts and spoke to Rovers present.


Under the leadership of Cait Torlage from Highway Rovers, they did their best to be of service and step up. “In a world where you can be anything… be kind”, says Cait. “Whether it be for humanity, animals or the environment… The task looked huge, but every bit helps… I encourage those who can, to do what they can to be kind.”

Impeesa Rovers Kayleigh Timmer and Matthew Berry echoed this sentiment, “We couldn’t get over the extent of the damage that the rain and flooding caused and knew that we couldn’t sit by and not do our part in helping undo that damage. We were lucky, so it’s only fair that we help people and places that weren’t so lucky.”