So how does scouting impact your child?

Read a first hand account from a scouts mom:

“In 2011 Ariana joined Scouts with a friend, thinking it would be an adventure for these 2 very busy little girls and what an adventure it would turn out to be. So much to do and so little time to do it in.

Aside from camping, hiking, knotting, backwards cooking, building structures, writing reports, planning and organizing, shooting, blisters, lack of sleep, sunburn and so, so much more, it is the holistic development of body, mind and soul that makes Scouts such an amazing organization. Apart from all the skills Ariana developed during the past almost 7 years, she has also made many friends and built lifelong relationships as in Scouts a very special bond is forged because of the shared interests and hardships.

For us as parents, experiencing her development from a short little busy body to an adult taking on so many different challenges and responsibilities, amazed by all the skills she were taught and, listening to the animated stories after camps and hikes, projects and activities, is till today most amusing and entertaining but the gratitude and pride we feel can never be justified in words.

It is with great pride and honor that this 17 year old young girl puts her interest and advancement badged shirt and Scout accessories on every Thursday and on outings.
To be associated with such an outstanding organization and especially First Margate Scout group in particular, is something Ariana always wares with pride.

From her development and experiences in First Margate Scouts, she will be able to enter her future with confidence in her abilities with the knowledge that she can take on responsibilities and challenges as her foundation lays grounded in the laws and promise of Scouts. The impact Scouts has had in Ariana’s life has developed her in the young confident, bubbly and highly skilled individual she is today, Scouts honor. ”
-Judy Smith (Jan 2018)

Ariana is currently working towards her Springbok Award – the highest award in scouts. We wish you all the best!!